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Your Investment In Your Business

Time Is Money

We do:

  • Let you know we are a good fit with your needs up front. We are not trying to sell you on working with us—we are trying to determine that we are a good fit with your company.
  • Outline what needs to be accomplished—with your input
  • Require a contract that is specific to your sales goals and projects that outlines our responsibilities and yours.
  • Structure a contract that is affordable for you and reasonable for us that incorporates a payment structure that may include one or more of the following–retainer, employment, consulting services and/or commissions
  • Set a timeline for completion of the work outlined
  • Provide you with updates and feedback regularly, including our Manufacturer’s Line Review Report monthly by email.


Flexible Working Arrangements

We work with our Clients and Manufacturers in a number of ways but here are 4 basic arrangements that we use the most:

Corporate Sales  Positions

We come on board as your VP of Sales, National Sales Manager, or National Key Accounts Mgr. Our engagement is usually on a yearly basis. We manage and help develop your Sales and Marketing programs including working with your sales teams, bringing  in new sales associates as needed, identifying key accounts on a National and Regional  basis in multiple channels, and then participating in a managed sales program and sales calls.  The position assignment is custom designed with clearly defined mission, goals, and objectives and mutually agreed upon. Our mutually agreed upon compensation program will be a part of your regular Corporate SGA expense structure.

Long Term Partnerships

This is usually an extension of our CSP (Corporate Sales Positions) above. Achieving the expected results and completing the agreed upon deliverables in year one almost always  means  moving forward by extending the relationship  engagement to multiple years. The compensation program will be mutually agreed upon again, and handled going forward as it was for the initial CSP assignment above. LTP’s have been a big part of our past and current performance history and those performance credentials can be reviewed by visiting our Success Stories link.

New Product Introductions

If you need help introducing a new product, developing a sales plan and sales team, or if you’ve never worked in the Lawn & Garden and Hardware Channels before, this arrangement may work best for you. Championing a new product is time consuming and much of the initial work needs to be done up front to be ready to approach buyers with a strong product/program offering.  If this is your situation, you contract with us for a minimum of six months sales mentoring, during which time we make certain you are ready for buyer presentations. During the initial sales mentoring period, our sales team will begin soliciting buyer feedback by presenting your product to selected key account buyers. We help you make any changes required before we launch product presentations to targeted accounts. We will mutually agree upon the monthly hours, with a minimum of 40 hours per month based on multiple account sell in factors. Finally we will mutually agree upon compensation plans that reflect both actual time spent and sales results produced.

Monthly Sales Mentoring

Some Clients and Manufacturers prefer to utilize our expertise monthly by selecting hourly blocks of our time for: planning, discussing, brain-storming, reviewing ongoing sales and marketing plans, and for understanding, creating, and preparing for sales calls with unique and  effective Buyer and Account presentations. You can contract with us for a shorter 90 day engagement with a minimum of 32 hours per month at mutually agreed upon hourly rates based on the engagement requirements. This period can be extended another 90 days—and then longer– if parties agree that the deliverables and results expected are successful.

Your Investment In Your Business June 14, 2014

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