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SMARTE Success Stories

Seeds of Change

SMARTE was contracted in 2010 as the National Key Accounts Manager and has been helping Seeds of Change/MARS grow their consumer seed packet sales on a national basis to key retailers in multiple channels. We have identified and targeted key accounts, hired and managed a national rep sales team to sell SOC products. In addition, SMARTE directed Seeds of Change to participate in regional and national shows to gain important brand and product exposure as well as new sales. As a result of our actions and those of our Rep Sales Team, we have been successful in placing SOC seed products in multiple local, regional and national accounts. We were instrumental in forming a strategic alliance between Seeds of Change and Quest Brands, a Canadian lawn and garden company, to distribute Seeds of Change in Canada.

As a result of our actions in 2012, we were recognized by Seeds of Change/MARS at their national sales meeting as “Sales Leader of the Year”. In 2013, we were recognized with a “Honey Badger Award” for adding four new key accounts.

Quest Brands

Quest Brands is a very successful Canadian manufacturer and seller of lawn and garden products featuring landscape fabric. Quest Brands chose SMARTE to establish a new USA Division, install a national sales force, and help develop programs and promotions to sell directly to key mass merchants, home centers, specialty retailers and independent dealers. The programs have been successfully installed and expanded and the national sales force has been producing significant results. Quest Brands is also participating in selected regional and national shows and events to secure new accounts, gain exposure and increase sales.

Triton Products, Inc.

SMARTE originally helped Triton Products break into the industrial and commercial product business and then break into the consumer retail sector in 2004 with a completely new lineup of consumer storage and organization products. From helping develop four lines of fresh new products, contributing to packaging and website design, recommending facility and shipping enhancements and then hiring, leading and managing a national rep sales team, SMARTE has been an involved and hands-on partner. Triton is now featured in multiple channels and classes of trade, has received Sears Craftsman designation and its products are sold in Canada and internationally. We continue to work and partner with Triton Products and look forward to the continuation of our sales and marketing roles.

Phoenix Recycled Products

SMARTE was selected to start and grow Phoenix Recycled Products new lawn and garden retail division and installed a sales and marketing plan including a national rep sales team to sell their products into multiple classes of trade in the US and Canada. In a three-year period, sales grew from zero to over $8,000,000. With much fanfare, the company was purchased by Easy Gardener, a major lawn and garden corporation and industry leader.

HD Hudson

We were hired to help close the sale with a major retailer of Hudson’s Lawn & Garden Sprayer line of products. This retailer was on Hudson’s key account list for a number of years.  S.M.A.R.T.E teamed with Hudson and after 3 years of hard work & persistence accomplished the goal of selling into that account resulting in a 6-figure sales volume. We have been associated with Hudson for over 25 years.

Shade Made Easy Products

SMARTE was chosen to establish and create a sales and marketing program to expand Shade Made Easy’s commercial shade umbrella business into the retail sector in the USA and Canada. We established goals and objectives, installed a national rep force, identified multiple channels and accounts, secured space at regional and national shows, helped develop products, programs, publicity and promotions and got the ball rolling for their new division.

Ringer Corporation

Acting as National Sales Manager, we established a National Rep Organization and internal Sales Administrative staff for Ringer, and increased sales from $500,000 to $5,100,000 over four (4) years with Retailers and Distributors selling Ringer Lawn & Garden products in all fifty (50) states.  We received 6 awards for performance.

Vinylex Corporation

Acting as National Sales Manager, we established a National Rep Organization and started up a brand new product line – Vinylex Lawn Edging. From sales of zero (0), we grew the category to $3,500,000 in sales in all fifty (50) states – including a National Retailer as a Key Account for three (3) years.

Emerald Edge

Acting as National Sales Manager for a one year Special Project on pound-in lawn edging strips – developed a sales plan, sales forecast, and established a Nationwide Rep Organization to attain over $1,000,000 in sales. Emerald Edge was established Nationwide and then acquired by another major Lawn and Garden Manufacturer.

Rainforest Products

Acting as National Sales Manager for almost three (3) years, we helped establish a start-up Company with Lawn and Garden, Pet, and Auto products for the Retail industry as well as products for multiple classes of trade, including Premium items.  This resulted in sales of over $2,000,000 and Rainforest was acquired by another manufacturer.

Columbia Bike Mfg.

Columbia hired S.M.A.R.T.E. to assist in getting an appointment and test market of their bikes with a major National Retailer. S.M.A.R.T.E. was happy to accept the challenge – and accomplished both stated goals.

Sick Kid Kare

We were hired to help establish a sales and marketing arm for this brand new concept – a free standing center and in-home program for mildly ill children. This program allows employers to provide a benefit to their employees and allows the employees to come to work when their children are ill. The number of corporate clients more than doubled through our efforts.

Earthgro Products

SMARTE was hired by Earthgro to create sales in the Minneapolis region as a new territory for Earthgro. We were able to sell over six figures in product during our first year of involvement—exceeding all expectations.

Kelly Russell Sports

We were hired to handle a large six-figure close-out sale and to sell a major National Retail Chain. Both of these goals were accomplished on a tight timeline. As a result, we were given additional accounts to sell and based on our sales performance, S.M.A.R.T.E. was hired as the National Sales Manager for K.R.S. and took on and completed that assignment with over a $1,500,000 sales increase.

Burpee Garden Products

We helped land some very Key National Accounts on a specific assignment basis resulting in millions of dollars in sales. In addition to adding these accounts, we also worked with Burpee on special Sales and Marketing projects to build sales.  We were recognized with 5 awards for performance.

Jammin Salmon

This pet treat manufacturer needed help to introduce and sell their products to Retailers and Distributors on a National Basis – in a short time frame.  S.M.A.R.T.E. contacted 350 Pet Stores and Distributors, 58 Pet Reps, and 15 Mass Merchants in 120 days to provide the manufacturer with sales plus important feedback on their products, programs, and pricing for their long-term strategy.

Quikway Levels

S.M.A.R.T.E. was asked to help with sales growth of a new and unique expandable level.  We were assigned a Home Center Chain, a Specialty Retailer, a Hardware Distributor, and a Catalog/Retailer, as our 4 key accounts.  We were able to get appointments and make sales to all 4 of these accounts producing 6 figure sales volume for Quikway.

QEP / Roberts

This hardware manufacturer of specialty power and hand tools, needed sales with a Minneapolis Region key account.  S.M.A.R.T.E. was assigned this challenge and currently has established a six-figure sales volume with this account.

Patrician Products

We were hired in 1993 to handle selected key accounts for this manufacturer of multiple Lawn & Garden specialty products.  We were able to help close sales at 3 key accounts producing sales in the 6-figure sales range and also initiate and coordinate Patrician’s acquisition of a rival  Lawn & Garden manufacturer allowing Patrician to expand their product offerings and grow sales.  We have received 3 awards for sales performance.

IMR Furniture

Acting as National Sales Manager, we were hired to establish and grow sales for this Bolivian manufacturer, upon their entry into the USA casual wood furniture market.  We were able to quickly help them achieve their first USA 6-figure sales order from a major Lawn and Garden Distributor, plus we provided input, guidance, and training to IMR President and Staff to land a 7-figure sale from a National Home Center for 2003.

Global One

Acting as Vice-President of Sales for one year Smarte turned around their National Sales Program, restructured corporate and field staffs, stabilized major accounts, and revised sales programs by turning a sales decrease into a sales increase.  We decreased sales expenses by 25%, and added over $2,000,000 in new accounts.

SMARTE Success Stories April 21, 2014

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