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ID-100218125We get results…  WE GET ANSWERS!

We are aggressive, persistent, and innovative. We make lots of contacts. 

We are experienced Locally, Regionally, and Nationally and have established our understanding and knowledge of the key accounts and key people to get the necessary appointments and decisions.

We have a network of Associates nationally, who are making regular sales calls and know key buyers in all 48 states so we connect in a quick and efficient manner.

We understand today’s fast changing Retail and Corporate environment.

We know the requirements of today’s Buyers. We have identified the Key Accounts in multiple channels of distribution and more importantly, the Key Accounts that will generate sales growth for the Companies we represent.

Most manufacturers that use outside sales organizations feel they don’t have a good handle on what that sales organization is doing for them. NOT WITH THE SMARTE TEAM!

We provide regular feedback with our Manufacturer’s Line Review Report (MLRR). When you hire us to spearhead your sales efforts, we provide you with an MLRR, listing all the retailers we are contacting and presenting your product to, including the buyer’s names and contact information. We update the MLRR regularly with feedback and comments from the buyers and our sales team and associates.



We get results… WE GET ANSWERS!



We Get Results April 21, 2014

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