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S.M.A.R.T.E. Group Wall of Fame


We all like to be told when we are doing a good job and we think you’ll agree it’s always nice when you are recognized for doing something special.

We are proud of those special moments and list a few of them for your review. Thanks for letting us puff up our chest.

2013 Seeds of Change “Honey Badger Award” for perseverance in adding four new accounts and that produced sales in the high six figures for 2014
2012 Quest Brands “Growth Award” in recognition of adding new accounts that produced revenue in the high six figures for 2012-2013
2011 Seeds of Change “Sales Leadership Award” in recognition of outstanding leadership and sales management efforts
2010 EMSCO Group “Thumbs Up” Award – for recognition for opening a major key account
2009 Triton Products, Inc. “Extra Mile” Award for managing rep and customer growth
2008 Triton Products, Inc. “Perseverance Award” for selfless and relentless pursuit of sales growth in the retail sector
2007 Triton Products, Inc. “Retail Strategy Award” for providing leadership and strategic direction in opening the company’s retail division
2006 Cordsnake™ “Bulldog” Award for tenacity in establishing a national sales rep network
2005 In-Store Marketing Institute “Faculty” designation for excellent speaking skills and presentation content for their members
2004 Silver Screen Advertising “Success” Award for hard work, focus and a continual drive for results
2003 Montana Plant Food “Growth” Award for establishing regional and national distribution of their plant foods
2002 Robert Oxley “Award of Merit” for contributions and presentation skills and expertise for Lowes and Walmart manufacturer seminars
2001 Burpee “Outstanding Performance in New Business Development”
2000 VegHerb Products “Pit Bull” Award for Sales Persistence
1999 Patrician Products “Salesman of the Year”
1998 Patrician Products Outstanding Sales Performance Award
1997 Patrician Products Outstanding Sales Performance Award
1996 Patrician Products For Distinguished Efforts in 1995-1996
1995 Burpee “Outstanding Achievement” Award Kmart Sales and Account Administration
1994 Kelly Russell Studios, Inc. “Sales Response and Results” Award
1993 Ringer Corporation “Outstanding Achievement” Award
1992 Burpee “Golden Marigold Award” in Recognition of Outstanding Effort in the Invaluable Support of the Retail Division
1992 Ringer Corporation $3,000,000 Sales Producer Award
1991 Ringer Corporation “$1,000,000 Sales Producer Award”
1991 Burpee “Manufacturer’s Rep of the Year”
1990 Ringer Corporation “Outstanding Achievement” Award
1989 Burpee “Manufacturer’s Rep of the Year”
1989 Vinylex Corporation “Top Dog Award” 
$1,000,000 Sale to Kmart
1989 Ringer Corporation “Outstanding Sales Administration Team” Award
1989 Ringer Corporation “Outstanding Achievement Award”
1988 Ringer Corporation “Outstanding Sales Management”
1986 Northrup King “Outstanding Sales Achievement”


Awards April 21, 2014

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