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Retailing 101—The Retail Guidebook

Do you need The “Retailing 101 GuideBook”© ?



The GuideBook will show new manufacturers how to present and sell products and programs to Key Regional & National Buyers.

With the consolidation of retailing today, and in the future, you must know how to penetrate these accounts.

The”Retailing 101 GuideBook”© outlines the data and information needed to prepare for sales calls, answer Buyer questions and get Key Account direction and decisions.

Most manufacturers struggle because they do not understand what Buyers need, want, and require for retail success and meet their company’s strategic goals.

Written and researched by Bill and Marjee Righeimer, previous executives at both Sears and Target, with over 45 years of combined retail-related experiences, you’ll find the information you need here!

This guidebook provides a focused and directed approach to success with retail buyers and eliminates “spinning your wheels”.

Buy Now! $50 book only Special Offer - Buy Now! $199
Includes book and two hours of phone consultation.


Retailing 101—The Retail Guidebook April 21, 2014

The “Retailing 101 GuideBook”©

Providing manufacturers the power to access buyers and close sales. A specific step-by-step roadmap for selling major retailers in all classes of trade. Buy Now! $50 book only Special Offer $199 - The book + 2 hours of phone consultation.