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2014.06.03 012Bill Righeimer, Sales Management, Sales and Marketing Projects, Sales Coaching and Mentoring

I have worked in a variety of retail roles as Vice President of Company Stores, Regional Sales Manager for a manufacturer of lawn and garden products, Group Merchandise Manager for a national retailer and Senior Buyer and Merchandiser of Special Projects for a national discount chain. I have more than 40 years in retailing and consumer product sales. My expertise is in the Lawn & Garden and Hard Goods categories. My past employers include: Target, Sears, TEAM Electronics and a manufacturer.

I call on a variety of regional and national accounts in multiple channels and coordinate and manage a national network of selected sales associates. I’ve helped manufacturers pioneer products, expand placements, extend product lines, solve complex challenges, train salespeople, move from distribution to retail and move from industrial to retail.

And through it all, I am most proud to say that many of my relationships with clients have lasted for many, many years.

I am a graduate of the Indiana University School of Business and have an AAS (Advanced Area of Specialization) from Alexander Hamilton Business School.

I am here to help you present products to key retailers and have fun! Let’s sell something!

How can I help you? You can reach me at: Cell 612-964-4541 or at



Marjee-RigheimerMarjee Righeimer, Sales Management, Sales and Marketing, Coaching, Mentoring and Sales Training

I’m an expert at building relationships with buyers and clients. I honed my retail skills and built my knowledge base at Sears and Target. I’ve developed successful products for sale at Target. There’s nothing better than making a sales presentation to a major retailer with a product I’m proud to show and explain—because I know the retailer will be successful with it. I’ve owned my own business so I understand the demands and accountability a manufacturer and entrepreneur experiences. I’ve led a global sales effort with responsibility for new business development and account management. I coach salespeople. I work hard and get answers for my clients.

Here’s what my co-workers have said about me—“Marjee is a relationship maestro, a great communicator, tenacious, and an effective influencer and collaborator. She inspires trust, delivers the best outcome in every situation. She sees the assets of others and taps into them graciously and professionally. Marjee sees the world from the customer’s perspective. She leverages her network to cause action.”

I’ve been lucky to have a varied career path including positions with national retailers, healthcare providers, and a nonprofit organization. I began my career at Sears in their management training program and after several promotions was hired at Target. I started in financial management as a merchandise controller and was promoted to buyer in Domestics. I designed several products while employed at Target.

I left Target to run my own healthcare organization, building it into the 13th largest women-owned company in Minnesota. Owning my own business gave me firsthand experience as an entrepreneur. I understand accountability for a business and all its employees. I have expertise in all areas of management and leadership, including strategic planning, publishing, customer experience, financial planning and forecasting, and relationship management.

At Menttium Corporation, I held five different positions within the organization including Regional VP and Director of Client Experience, a new position created specifically with me in mind. Menttium designs corporate mentoring programs for primarily Fortune 500 companies, to help organizations strengthen talent and meet strategic business goals. I was one of three leaders of the company’s global sales and client management efforts. I was responsible for sales, new business development, and account management. I am very comfortable making presentations as a result and can help others feel the same.

I have trained sales people. I have coached sales teams, sales leaders and sales people using the expert training I received at Coaches Training Institute.

I’m ready to use all my skills to help you! Contact me at: Cell 612-964-4540 or

SMARTE’S Special Forces

SMARTE has a team of Specialists available to help you with specific retail account requests and needs such as:

  • Telemarketing Projects
  • Planogram Audits
  • Competitive Shopping
  • Brainstorming Sessions
  • Creation of Retail Mission Statements and Sales and Marketing Strategy
  • Development of Account Goals and Objectives and related Timing and Action plans to achieve them
  • GhostWriters—Write It Right services for all business collateral. More information on Our Services page.



Payton PWD styling in Fl Mar 2013 (2)Payton, Chief Encouragement Officer

I joined The S.M.A.R.T.E. Group in 2001 and it was a fortuitous adoption. I am SMART(E) by nature. I’m named after Walter Payton. If you’re a football fan, you know Walter’s nickname is “Sweetness”. Bill is from Chicago and a Bears fan and when he and Marjee discussed naming me, they both remarked that I was the sweetest dog they ever had—so there you have it—the story of my name.

I’m a Portuguese Water Dog (PWD), and in the past, people at the dog park often mistook me for a poodle. Since the Obamas added Bo and Sunny, also PWDs, to their family, I am often asked if I am an “Obama” dog. Imagine my surprise!

At least my breed is now recognized for our loving nature and intelligence. In addition to those admirable qualities, Marjee and Bill picked me because my breed loves the water and doesn’t shed. The loving the water thing—maybe not so much—I prefer the boat to getting wet! They call me the “Velcro dog” because I am never far from them. I like to lie in the hallway between their offices so I can keep an eye on each of them at the same time.

My responsibilities include: meeting and greeting the UPS and FedEx drivers, checking in boxes of samples as they arrive at our office, sorting through the wastebasket for any food remnants from a hastily-swallowed lunch—that were inadvertently discarded, offering encouragement, support and hugs and reminding Marjee and Bill when it’s time to take a break.

You can reach me at!

We’re sad to report that we lost our CEO and longtime friend, Payton. He was positively supportive and loving until the end. He’ll be sorely missed by his many business and family friends. 


Meet the S.M.A.R.T.E. Group Team June 10, 2014

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