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Sales Calls and Sales Management

ID-10046954Bring your product opportunities to us and get fast action to reach and sell Local, Regional or National accounts. We help you sell and we sell too, side by side for sales results and revenue growth.

Interim Sales Management

We can be your National Sales Manager or Key Accounts Manager. You may find that to hire, train, and pay a sales professional, with the desired sales and marketing experience, is time consuming and not cost effective. Sometimes the individual doesn’t work out. When immediate action is needed, we can help.

Coaching, Mentoring and Sales Training

Marjee is a trained Executive Coach. She is a graduate of Coaches Training Institute (CTI), a worldwide training organization. Coaches help individuals maximize their skills and accelerate their professional and personal development.

She has more than 10 years of corporate mentoring experience providing individuals with year-long mentoring partnerships. Mentors are subject matter experts who share their experiences to help a mentee. Contact Marjee for her help building executive teams, sales and leadership skills, coaching and mentoring appointments.

Sales Meetings, Sales Presentations, Sales Manuals, Sales Seminars

We can discuss your particular area of need or improvement – and then design a program and plan to get you answers, direction, and results! We will instruct and influence others in your organization, guiding them as you wish, and giving clear direction for immediate results.

In-Store Merchandising Coordination

We are associated with the key national In-Store Service Organizations that are the leaders and innovators in building manufacturer sales and profits at retail store level.  They have the people and the reporting technology needed to visit key regional and national retailers and get the tough store sets and checks done. They can design a custom program, where appropriate, to insure in-store sales success in today’s competitive retail environment where time and results are so critical. These organizations work with almost every major retailer, in multiple classes of trade, in the USA.

GhostWriters-Write it Right

Business documents must be focused, clear, concise to be effective and understood by the reader. This is so important today—as most readers scan through documents in a hurry to finish reading. We can review your business and strategic documents, including mission statements, executive summaries, sales letters and brochures and business plans for clarity and effectiveness of communication to increase your business success.

National Sales Network Access and Action

We have a Nationwide Rep Network of Associates to bring you additional sales expertise and market coverage in all the areas you want and need for successful product promotion and sales.

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The “Retailing 101 GuideBook”©

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